Creative freedom flourishing in expressive art.

Let’s make beats making us dance.

Melodies making us cry.

Distortion giving us goosebumps.

I react to you.

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“Experimental Club Music” is one title given to the music performed live by FISK, though she prefers not to put a label on their compositions.  Fisk's live sets consists of samples, beats and recorded sounds, captured on a trusty Zoom recorder and distorted beyond recognition. Her sound is eclectic, experimental but eminently danceable.


Fisk started her musical journey as a DJ, playing house and techno in underground parties in Oslo and Stockholm.  Upon moving to Berlin and studies at Catalyst institute  opened her mind to new ways of recording and playing music.  Fisk's DJ sets these days are a journey spanning many genres and BPMs, combining dubstep, breaks, electro, drum and bass, industrial techno and old school house, with an experimental twist.

Aside from DJing and producing, Fisk is heavily involved in creative projects. She's involved in Berlin’s Geoff Stern Art Gallery, has organised concerts at Funkhaus and produced and played on live streams within Berlin’s underground experimental scene. These events combine music with performances by visual artists and dancers. Her  atmospheric sound design has also caught the eye of film producers, and they have soundtracked documentaries, radio shows and short films.




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