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Creative freedom flourishing in expressive art.

Let’s make beats making us dance.

Melodies making us cry.

Distortion giving us goosebumps.

I react to you.

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COX RADIO .27.10.2021
Interview and Mix with Gio Formenti on COX Radio.
Listen here


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New episodes of Fischteller .18.10.2021
All new episodes can be found on SoundCloud 


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Homeless Analog Music Market .14.08.2021


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dBs Bristol x Catalyst Berlin Etikett Radio Takeover 08.07.2021
Fisk b2b Sculze Boy DJ set at the stream. The whole set can be seen on Etikett Radio's Twitch Channel 

Live stream from Panke Berlin 14.05.2021
DJ set, watch full stream on Panke Berlin's Twitch channel HERE


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Reward System by Wei Kang Beh  (collaboration) 18 December 2020
Berlin based experimental musician and performer Wei Kang Beh, works with electroacoustic instruments, DIY electronic devices, mixer, noisy & hypnotic soundscapes from field-recordings.

‘reward system’ consists 5 audio collages that are arranged/improvised from field-recordings, electronics, and cassette tapes from December 2019 to July 2020 in Berlin, Germany, with several Berlin-based experimental electronics musicians (Sid Talukdar, Mizuki Ishikawa, Dario Peris, Hannah Fisher, Simone Lupieri, Keivan Rinolfi).

This EP explores reward system as a motif and a factor that drives the collaborative actions from the featured musicians in the making.

performed and recorded in Plänterwald, Berlin, Dec 2019-July 2020.

Interactive Sound Installation. Please check Recent State of Mind for more info. 

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F-EMME Radio  24 November 2020
Feminist fighter inspired intro for F-emme Radio on K103 Göteborg. Using voices of Gloria Steinem and Phyllis Schlafly. Listen on Mixcloud 

XYWZ - Secluded Spaces
Installation 23.04.2020

SHORT ATTENTION SPAN  24 November 2020

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Fischteller 09 October 2020
 A new monthly radio show by FISK for Etikett Radio from 22 October.
K103 ELECTION NIGHT WATCH 02 November 2020
FISK has made music and video for K103 Göteborg's Election Night Watch, a radio show covering US election night in real time. Listen live 3/11 9pm-6am on